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From our review of free slot games in the US to the possibility of this gaming service in India. Welcome to our Online Casino India guide that will present an insider’s view of the casino industry that is ramping up in India right now.

We will present to you the option of money games online that are becoming available to play and from them, you can win yourself real rupee payments. We inform you of the laws regarding joining any casino online and direct you towards the platforms considered to be the greatest so you can find the right online casino India for you to join.

Let us first present to you what online casinos are all about, for those new to gambling, we want to dispel any myths and give you nothing but helpful facts. Going forward, we want our shared knowledge to help you make the right decisions and find success from them.

Your invitation into the world of online casinos in India

If you are interested in the idea of experiencing money games online, then already, you have begun to take the correct steps going forward.

For many players, the idea of reading up on this stuff doesn’t even come into the brain as a thought despite the risks gambling can pose. By taking your time to learn you are already in a far beneficial position than those not learning, as you will soon learn. Knowledge is half the success in online casinos. When you know what games to avoid and which casinos are more frequent in paying out, you are in a greater position than all other players. Remember, it’s not you against the casinos, it’s you against the other players. Who wins first, you or them?

In the world of casino gaming, India is just waking up to the available opportunities it possesses. Great games like blackjack, slots, roulette, teen patti, and even sports betting are familiar features of any online casino India now has.

Each casino online is a portal of entertainment and possibility. There are approximately 50 eligible sites to join right now, like Dafabet which is one of the prime operators specifically keyed for the service of Indian players.

The sites we are able to recommend are all legally licensed and come with all the necessities that guarantee and safe and entertaining experience. Plus, you are able to access each one from any device you wish to use, including your smartphone for instant gaming on the go.

Important info regarding Indian online casino banking and laws

So, what do you know of the online casino India laws? Can you join a casino online? What’s the legal gambling age?

Let us take a brief look at the history of gambling in India and lead us up to the point of right now.

As early as 7300 BC, gambling was common practice in India. Games of chance have always been used to settle scores or disagreements. Even back then board games are believed to have existed, but fast forward to the 15th Century and we get more record accounts of the act of gambling taking place. It was a time that brought about legislative gambling, parlours, or gambling houses that were built to support the recreation. And then the British moved in! in the 18th Century, it all went different. The Empire formed new laws that capped the ability to gamble, which the Indian people didn’t mind because a new sport called cricket took over and became the national sport, of which it still is today.

Suddenly the Gambling Act of 1867 reduced where people could play and what they could gamble on. Overtime the updates to the law didn’t even progress with the time and even after the removal of the British Empire, India still upheld the now embedded ideas. A lot of the Indian culture was white-washed, and now strict taboos remain amongst the people.

It’s 2011 and suddenly the law begins to realise that gambling is now available on the internet and players in India are using these sites as a means of profit. But still, the laws don’t update, other than to tell the companies that they are unable to advertise their services.

Even now, a decade later, there is no prohibition of gambling online, it is 100% legal!

If you wish to gamble, you must be 21-years of age and over.

Claim your exclusive casino bonus

When you start looking for casinos online to join, you will notice the array of bonuses that are advertised to lure new punters into their site. The competition online is pretty huge, it seems a new casino opens up each week. Making your choice of which online casino India platform to join should not be based on the amount of daily free spins you are offered and heck, not even the number of online slots the platform has. There are more important facts, however, we know you and many others want to play as soon as possible and want to know all about the available bonuses that are presented to new and existing members.

Bonus offers vary; no two casinos are alike in their offers. You might see two sites selling their rewards and get 150% up to X-Amount and receive 400 free spins as well, or something like that, but the differences are found within the terms and conditions. This informs you of what games are eligible, how the bonus is claimed, and how the winnings can be withdrawn.

Some bonuses are only for online slots, whereas others could be for all their games, from teen patti to bingo.

Reading the terms are essential in knowing the exact details of what the bonus reward really is.

Your choice of casino, however, shouldn’t be based on the biggest welcome bonus. Quality over quantity is always the right direction for online success.

What are free spins?

Of the available bonuses, the most popular are the free spins. These can range from giving players 5 free spins on games, to 500 free spins. It’s all relative to the bonus, the casino, and where you live.

When it comes to the online casino India sites the bonuses of free spins are readily available, but the best ones are within the casino’s standard promotional offers, forget the welcome bonus, within the best deals the casinos have, you can find daily free spins that are offered. Members can be treated to random free spins without depositing, also known as no deposit bonuses.

These can be used for online slots, plus a number of other games like scratch cards. Checking the terms and conditions confirms the eligible options.

Should you opt to pursue such a bonus, when activating the offer, the eligible game will instantly load, changing the normal interface to that of the bonus one. Now, free spins are set to the lowest wager value, so you will never have high costing spins. Any return from them will be minimal to moderate, but mostly minimal.

Over 5000 different online slots, each with a jackpot to be won

There are thousands of slots and the number grows weekly. It is the most popular game given that there is zero skill required to play on them. Which of the thousands of online slots are the best? Well, the simple way to answer this is by informing you of the best developers, thus, providing a minor list of companies, rather than a list of hundreds of games.

No casino online makes their own games. slots, live features, etc, are all provided and built by independent developers. The best of the best that are available across the top Indian casinos online include Playn'GO, NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil, Playtech, Blueprint Gaming, these seven are at the pinnacle of their game. Award-winners each one, and innovative master that have helped shape and transform the industry. Any casino partnered with these names and players are absolutely guaranteed the very best there is in slot gameplay.

Ready to play some real money games?

Gambling has its many glamourous points but let’s not hide from the fact that it can be costly. It is an adult activity and unless you can support yourself financially, you’d be crazy to go into it without self-control or management. This is a reality, so much so that casinos are now having to participate in the awareness of problem gambling. You will now see that charities like are shared with the casinos online. If you participate in the enjoyment of actual money games online, then you must be willing to lose that money if luck doesn’t go your way.

So, whether you fancy a go at teen patti, or are keen to grab one of the many bonuses available, do play with caution, and should you win big cash out and never play on as the house always wins!

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